10. Ethernet Jack Mounts

If you cut all of the parts related to the case sides in step 8, you should already have all of the parts for the Ethernet jack mounts. However, it’s likely you’ll need to recut them at least once. The procedure laid out in this section may not be ideal, but I’ve attempted to write a procedure that will allow you finish the mounts without recutting them too many times.

Do the following procedure for each mount.

Step 1. Test Mount Parts with Your Case

  1. Try attaching the sides of the mounts to the central structure of the case. (Mounting tabs are provided as part of the central structure.) Check that the locking clips have enough clearance when they’re installed, but not so much that they’re loose. If they’re too tight, you may be able to save them by filing the clips down with an emery board. If that doesn’t work or they’re simply too loose, adjust the clearance in the file and mark them for recutting. However, wait to recut them later.
  2. Test fit the parts for the mount, along with a keystone jack in each slot. If the parts don’t fit together, you may need to file down the tabs a little with an emery board. If any of the joints are extremely loose, adjust the clearance in the file and mark those parts for recutting.
  3. With the clip sides and rim assembled loosely, try attaching the related side panel of the case. There should be minimal clearance between the panel and the Ethernet clip rim, but enough that the side isn’t difficult to attach. If the clearance needs to be adjusted, adjust it in the file and mark them for recutting.

Step 2. Recut Faulty Parts

Recut the parts you adjusted and marked in the file. Repeat part 1 to ensure that the clip fits properly now.

Step 3. Glue Parts

  1. Glue the clip sides to the clip rim.
  2. Glue the keystone clips to the clip faceplate.
  3. Glue the faceplate to the clip rim.

Step 4. Test Fit Again

Test fit the mount to the central structure of the case again. Put on the side of the case. If it seems to fit nicely, this clip is finished. The finished mounts will look like those in the following pictures, except that the keystones won’t be installed yet.

Ethernet Jack Mounts - Back Ethernet Jack Mounts - SideEthernet Jack Mounts - Front

My objective in designing these mounts was to design a mechanism from laser cut acrylic that would allow for installing and uninstalling keystone jacks as needed. However, I was never able to get them tight enough without the clips breaking. The design provided here is as close as I ever got. To get the jacks tight, you will probably still need to glue them to the mounts. But don’t do that until your mounts and cables are perfect.

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