My name is David Guill. I started this site as a place to post my information about my engineering projects and my ramblings about technology and life. I am a recent MSCE graduate (Dec 2013) currently seeking employment.

Currently, the Projects section of this site showcases a few of my completed projects. In the future, I intend to post progress updates on active personal projects as well.

Educational Background

M.S. Computer Engineering – University of Texas at Dallas

M.B.A., Management – University of Houston-Victoria

B.S. Electrical Engineering – Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Academic/Professional :

  • Programming
  • Distributed computing
  • Control systems (digital and analog)
  • Automation
  • Software/hardware testing
  • Audio systems
  • Design for ergonomics
  • Green technologies


  • Outdoor/fitness activities (but not so much sports)
  • Video games

As this blog progresses, I plan to share some of my thoughts and ideas related to topics like these.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Andras

    On the pointwise-blog ( blog.pointwise.com ) I learned about your Cluster made of 40 RaspberryPi! I run a small start-up specialising in CFD and I have compiled OpenFOAM(R) for different platforms and processors. Would you mind running a 40xparallel OpenFOAM / MPI Benchmark on your cluster?

    I am really interested in the speed-up achievable on such low-cost hardware. You can download pre-compiled binaries for Raspbian (ARMv6l) on our homepage: http://rheologic.at . They have been tested on a 4x Pi cluster and are working just fine.

    Running the benchmark and posting the results would also be a great way to gain some clicks and recognition – for both of us. 😀


    1. David Guill Post author

      I would have no problem with running it once I get a little further with software installation and configuration. At this point, I can’t make any guarantees about when. But I’ll let you know.

  2. Andras

    Hi David, congrats for your 40 RBPi cluster. how does the cluster works, for example if I get just one board and I try to install a VM and then a game and let’s say it runs slow, then If I set that board as part of the cluster and install the same VM with the same game will this time run faster because is using resources from all the 40 boards ? will it use the 40 cpus to run a very demanding process or what it does is just sending different process to the 40 cpus so it looks like it can handle a lot of things ? thanks for your feedback :)

    1. David Guill Post author

      In order to see a speedup (as opposed to separate instances of your game or other software), you would need software specifically written to take advantage of this kind of machine. Games are not generally designed to take advantage of this kind of distributed processing capability. The few games that can take advantage of this kind of arrangement typically only work that way on the server end.

  3. Reiner Rusch


    great project and you have to be very proud!
    Another example what people can do with much love and what commercial products often misses.
    Like to hear more from you!!!

    Much greatings from Berlin,

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