SD Card Issues

I’ve had 16 Pis running for about a week (with 16 GB SD cards) with no trouble. I’ve been running them with only 2 of 4 intake fans to maintain a power-to-airflow ratio that’s close to what I should expect from having all 40 of them running. I’ve been seeing case temperatures of roughly 31 °C (88 °F) […]

Progress at Compiling Mesos

I’ve been in the process of trying to get a good compile of Mesos on the Raspberry Pi for about 3 1/2 weeks now. I decided to document the challenges of this, in case it might help anyone else who is trying to do the same thing. My first approach was to try compiling on […]

Why the Raspberry Pi?

Several questions have been posed about my 40-node cluster design (e.g., “Why build a Raspberry Pi cluster?”). I’ve decided to provide a little of the history of my project, and some thoughts on its possible future. Past I first had the idea of building microcontroller-based cluster in early 2002. At the time, I was working […]

Laser Cutter Tips

In the course of making my 40-node Raspberry Pi cluster, I learned quite a lot about working with a CNC laser cutter. These are a few of the tips I have for making laser-cut parts that I used for this project. Tip 1: Acrylic Prep Before cutting parts, first prep a suitable piece of your […]